It was after midnight when I heard Sofia scream, waking me from a dreamless sleep. I patted the empty space beside me and remembered Alex was with Luca tonight. Even after all these years, we still had the same bedrooms and took turns with our wife. 


Once a week, we slept together in a room down the hall. That was Alex’s one request since we were all her husbands.


I rushed out of my room and pushed open Sofia’s door. The nightlight bathed the room in a golden glow of stars that floated across the ceiling. The Swan Lake mural Marcello had painted of Odette was on the opposite wall, right in front of Sofia’s toys. She was so spoiled. My baby girl had everything she could ever want and some.


She sat in the middle of her bed and clutched her chest. “Daddy,” she choked out with tears in her eyes, relief washing over her face.


I sat on the bed, pulled her into my arms, and cradled her head against my chest as I kissed her forehead. “Did you have another bad dream, princess?”


She bobbed her head, still crying. “The monsters came back again.”


I ran my fingers through her long, sweaty black hair, down her back that was also slick with sweat, her pajamas clinging to her tiny body. “It’s okay now. Daddy’s here. The monsters are afraid of me.”


She didn’t know how true that was, but she believed it. Because she thought her dad was invincible. I wasn’t. Just a crazy motherfucker who would kill anyone or anything that tried to fuck with my family. And with Sofia, I was even more of a savage.


Sofia was ten years old, not much older than me when my nightmares started. Not long after our baby girl came into my life, the nightmares stopped. I could finally sleep beside Alex without her needing Bastian there, just in case.


Every week, the three of us still spent at least one night together. After the night we crossed the line with our relationship, we never looked back. Not even after Bash said it would only be that one time.


The three of us were soulmates.

That was what Alex called it.

I never believed in that shit, but she was right. Because she bonded us in ways I had never expected. What the three of us shared went beyond love or sex. Our shared traumas healed us. Alex made all of us better men, husbands, and fathers.


“Daddy, will you tell me a story?” Sofia peeked up at me with her mother’s big blue eyes.


She looked like my mom when she was a child, but with just enough of Alex that you could see the similarities. Even if we didn’t take a paternity test, I would have known immediately that Sofia was mine.


I tucked her sweaty hair behind her ears and smiled. “Lie back down. I’ll get in with you.”


She did as I asked and curled up on her side, staring at me as I got in the bed with her. On the nights she had bad dreams, I always stayed with her until after she fell back to sleep. Some nights, I even passed out beside her.


The day she was born, I felt even more possessive than I had felt with Alex. Of course, I would have died for my wife, done anything to protect her. But there was something different about my bond with Sofia. It was unlike anything I had with Alex or my brothers. She wasn’t just my family, she was blood.




I’d had nothing to call my own until she came into this world. Alex gave me a gift I never thought I was worthy to receive. And now that I had Sofia, I would do anything for her. Be anything she needed. Her dad, her best friend, whatever she wanted me to be.


She placed her tiny hand on top of mine and closed her eyes. There used to be so much darkness inside me, my heart tinted black. This precious little girl cured me. I still wasn’t completely sane, and occasionally, I had to kill to protect my family, but I no longer felt the bloodlust. I imagined what Sofia would think if she knew what I was like. The man who almost killed her mother by accident. 


“Once upon a time,” I said in a hushed tone, “there was a princess named Sofia.”


“Daddy.” She giggled. “Why do all the princesses have the same name as me?”


“Because all princesses are called Sofia,” I said with laughter in my tone.


“No, they’re not!” She laughed again. “You’re so silly, Daddy.”


I brushed her cheek with the pad of my thumb. “Do you want to hear the story or not?”


“Yes.” She smiled up at me like I hung the moon. “I want dragons in this story.”


I grinned like a fucking idiot. Because this little girl always put a smile on my face. Before she was born, I never smiled, not unless Alex ripped one out of me.


“There once was a princess named Sofia,” I told her. “She lived in a great big castle on the sea with four knights and a powerful queen.”


She nestled her face against the pillow and laughed. “Why is Mommy always the queen?”


“Who says it’s her?”


“I have four daddies and one mommy.”


Sofia was too young to understand our unconventional relationship. Her friends at school asked a lot of questions. Why does Daddy Damian take you to school and Daddy Marcello pick you up? Not to mention when people saw the five of us together in public with our children. It was clear we were with Alex.


On paper, she was married to Luca, but still Mrs. Salvatore. She was our wife. The mother of our children.


“That makes you even more special than other kids.” I traced my fingers up and down her back in a soothing motion. “Because you have four knights to protect you and a queen who will do anything to keep you safe.”


After that, she let me tell the story and eventually passed out beside me, clutching her pillow. I almost nodded off until I heard the door creak and the light from the hallway filled the dark room. Rolling onto my back, I looked over at Alex. She stood in the entryway, with her hand on the doorknob, a big smile on her face.


Careful not to disturb Sofia, I took one last look at her and slid off the bed. I followed Alex into the hallway and closed the door behind me.


I gripped her hip, which was exposed in this skimpy silk top, showing off her toned stomach. After having five children, she still looked incredible. Her body filled out with curves, her breasts were even bigger.


“Everything okay, Pet?”


She smiled and hooked her arms around my neck, standing on her tippy toes to kiss me. “I love seeing you with Sofia.”


I kissed her back. “She had another nightmare.”


Alex pushed on my chest until my back hit the wall. “You’re such a good dad, Damian.” She hooked her leg around my back and rubbed her pussy on my cock. “I want to make more babies with you.”


She’d been like this since Cato turned five. Bastian was the last of us to get Alex pregnant, and Cato was supposed to be the last pregnancy. But she enjoyed being pregnant and having our babies.


My cock poked through the slit in my boxers, teasing her wetness through her shorts. I stripped off her bottoms and lifted her into my arms. Using the wall as an anchor, I leaned back and rocked into her. Alex whimpered when I pushed inside her.


Her head fell to my chest, and she breathed on my neck. “Oh, God, Damian.”


I wanted to fuck her good, so I carried her down the hall and into my bedroom. Without breaking our bond, I lowered us to the bed and continued to thrust deeper and deeper, ripping screams from her beautiful lips. She grabbed my hand and wrapped it around her throat. My girl loved when I put my mark on her.


Made her mine.


After we both came, I kissed her. “How come you’re not with Luca?”


“He got a call around midnight. There’s an issue the Sicilians need his help with. Something with the trade routes.”


That was not my area of expertise. Luca was good at figuring out all the loopholes for our criminal counterparts. His mind worked in ways none of ours did.


“I came downstairs to check on the kids.” She smiled. “I found Cato in bed with Bash. Eve was snoring softly in her room. Leo and Angelo were on their floor, sleeping next to their chess set.” She shook her head. “Luca has rubbed off on them so much. They’re like mini versions of him.”


“By design,” I told her. “Luca is making sure they understand their role in this family. One of them will take over for him someday.”


“Yeah.” She sighed. “But they’re still my babies.”


“They’re almost nine,” I pointed out. “We were like grown men by the time we were their age.”


“Trauma aged all of you much faster. But the twins don’t have that kind of life. They have four dads and a mom. They have aunts and uncles and grandfathers who love them. Our kids will never have to grow up the way we did.”


“I know you hate thinking about it, but one of the twins will take Luca’s place someday.” I kissed her plump lips, and she melted in my arms. “Our kids will never have a normal life, but they will have one that’s better than what any of us had. The next generation of Knights will be different.”


“I worry about them going through the Knights’ initiation,” she confessed, biting her lip. “Sofia and Eve can do anything they want. So can Cato. They don’t have the same obligations.”


“Cato will be a Knight, too. He just won’t be the leader.”


Cato was five years old and a long way from us thinking about him becoming a Knight. Lately, Alex had been so worried about the boys. She knew the girls would have the freedom to do whatever they wanted. But our boys would be Knights, and one twin would be the new Grand Master one day.


She breathed through her nose and frowned. “I don’t want my boys to be hardened by this world.”


“They won’t be anything like us,” I assured her.


“Leo and Angelo are already like Luca.”


Leo had Alex’s blonde hair, and Angelo had Luca’s black hair. And they looked exactly like Luca, down to the curve of his face, the structure of his cheekbones, and his denim-blue eyes. Their hair was the only difference between them.


“He’s preparing them,” I said to reassure her.


“But they’re little boys,” she groaned. “They don’t need to be chess masters before they hit puberty. I’d rather see them playing with their friends and doing normal boy things.”


“We didn’t do any of those things. Our dad never let us play with other kids. It was always the four of us against the world. Luca is just doing what he knows.”


“Yeah, but Sofia and Eve have friends. They go on playdates with the girls from school.”


Eve was Marcello’s little girl, whom they named after his mother, Evangeline. Except our girl was just Eve. She was born a year after the twins and was almost seven years old. And she was just learning how to paint on canvases, like her mother and father.


Years ago, I never thought I would be the person Alex confided in. I wasn’t mentally in the right place to give advice. But over the years, I had been her sounding board. I listened, and let her talk. Told her the truth when she needed to hear it.


Marcello told her whatever he thought she wanted to hear. He was such a fucking softie with her. Bash spoke the truth but sugar-coated everything. And Luca was blunt, which led to a lot of fights. He would grovel and beg for forgiveness afterward. But he was still the same asshole.


She told me everything. All of her desires, fears, everything that was on her mind.


“I love you.” I slipped my fingers through her hair and kissed her lips. “And because I love you, I won’t lie to you. The twins will be exactly like Luca. And it will serve them well. Leo and Angelo will need to be harsh and cruel to exert their power. Salvatore men are not weak. We don’t cower. People in our world need to fear the Salvatore name.”


“I know.” She laid her head on my chest. “I feel like I’m losing time with the boys. They’re growing up so fast. Even Sofia is like a little woman already.”


I laughed. “Not quite. She still clings to her daddy and wants to hear princess stories. Sofia is still your baby.”


She rubbed her hand over her stomach. “I’m ovulating. I hope you put another baby in me.”


“We’ll try until you get pregnant again.” I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. “I love making babies with you.”


“I love you, Damian.” She tugged at the ends of my short hair and smiled. “Of all my husbands, you are the one who surprised me the most.”


“Happy to exceed expectations.”

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