Frequently Asked

Will you have audiobooks for

your books?

Yes! The Princes of Devil's Creek series will be available in duet narration at Audible and Apple Books.


Release Dates:

Cruel Princes - September 2022

Vicious Queen - October 2022

Savage Knights - November 2022

Battle King - December 2022

I signed up for the bonus content and didn't get any emails or am missing

some of the chapters.

I'm sorry if this happened to you, but I'm unable to offer technical support on an individual basis because of time constraints.

Please check your spam folder and make sure you add to your address book to ensure the proper delivery of the emails.

If you remain on my mailing list, I add a link to where you can get the free content at the bottom of each email.

Will the side characters from the princes series have their own books?

Yes! Drake, Sonny, and Aiden will get standalone books. The Serpent Society series is also in the works.


All of their books will release in 2023. Please check my social media or the coming soon page for updates.

Will the side characters from the cadets series have their own books?

No, not at this time. But it's possible I will write books for Hunter, Brax, and the other cadets in the future.

Was the Ruthless Cadets series originally a reverse harem romance?

Yes, Filthy Rich Cadets was originally a reverse harem about Grace, Cole, Hunter, and Brax. However, the story wasn't working as a RH, so I removed the scenes with the other cadets and solely focused on the relationship between Cole and Grace.

The current edition of the duet is a MF romance.

When will you have print books at bookstores other than Amazon?

By the end of July 2022, all of my print books will be available to purchase at all bookstores in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

You can order the books at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, Chapters/Indigo, Book Depository, Books Express, Waterstones, Fishpond, The Nile, and a very long list of other retailers, depending on your region.

You can also request a copy at your local library.

Where can I get the Salvatore brothers' short stories?

A link to the short stories is at the back of Savage Knights. If you have already read the book and missed the link, you can get the short story collection HERE.

When can I order signed paperbacks?

In Fall 2022, I'm opening my shop for a limited time and will offer signed books, swag, and book boxes.

I will also have bookplates available if you already own the paperback.

Are your ebooks available at bookstores other than Amazon?

No, not at this time. All of my ebooks are currently exclusive to Amazon and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

However, I am planning to release some of my future books wide, and they will be available at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble.

Keep an eye out for pre-orders at these retailers.

How can I get ARCs of your books?

I sometimes offer Advance Review Copies of my books to Booktokers and Instagrammers prior to a release. However, I don't maintain or manage an ARC Team, so you will need to check my social media for opportunities.

Is the Princes of Devil's Creek series the same as The Devil's Knights series?

No! I get asked this question a lot. Some people even ask if The Devil's Knights series, which was originally published by Jillian Quinn and Jillian Frost, is a fan fiction of the princes series.

The character names, the town of Devil's Creek, and the secret society are the same. However, the story, character arcs, and the overall vibe of the series are completely different.

I like to think of The Devil's Knights series (which was unpublished a long time ago and no longer available) was the original spark for the princes series. It was always supposed to be a RH romance, but I changed it last minute before publishing and regretted it.

So I rectified that decision by rewriting the story with a new plot, new villains, and new love interests for Alex.